Kees Kraamer

Kees Kraamer started programming in 1982 during the second year of his biology study. After graduation he left biology and started a career in IT. He now works for CSC healthcare as an Application Consultant and Software Engineer.

One of his first IT project, while he was still a biology student, was the development of an application to create weaving designs. His mother, Corrie Kraamer, a very enthusiastic weaver, was creating weaving design manually. This calls for automation thought Kees. Their collaboration first resulted in WEEF, a MS-dos application, WinWeef’s predecessor.

Marijke Dekkers

Marijke Dekkers is teacher textural art with a specialisation in weaving. She took several courses both in the Netherlands as abroad. Marijke has given weaving classes, lectures and workshops through the Netherlands for almost 40 year. She is one of the authors of Landelijk Basisleerplan voor Getouwweven and publishes regularly in 'Weven' magazine.

Marijkes first experience with WinWeef was on a exhibition. Corrie Kraamer demonstrated WinWeef. A few years before Corry had taken one of Marijkes courses. They started talking and Corrie told Marijke Kees wanted to enhance WinWeef. Marijke offered to help with her extensive knowledge of and experience in weaving. Together they developed WinWeef9, one of the best known weaving design programmes in the Netherlands. Marijke, Corrie and Kees have given many classes and workshops about WinWeef9.

Marian Stubenitsky

Marian Stubenitsky has been weaving ever since 1967. Her interest in woven structure theory was aroused from the very first weaving lesson. With a lot of practice and a lot of drawing on graph paper, she quickly understood how structures work and especially how to play with them in order to find new ones. In the mid-seventies she took the official Dutch course on Professional Weaving. From that time on she teaches weaving on location and at home in her own studio. Sometimes she participated in refresher courses and now she is one of the national and international top weavers.  
From the moment WinWeef was released, Marian has been enthusiastic about it. As a teacher, as editor of WEVEN and as a writer of weaving books, WinWeef was her best friend. She can read and write with the program and as a very critical teacher and weaver she naturally comes across things that she does not find useful or that could be improved. Through short communication lines with Kees Kraamer, over the years she has managed to realize many changes and expansions to WinWeef. 
Kees sometimes sighs deeply because she forces him to dive deep into the program again, but their collaboration has resulted in a professional, yet user-friendly design program.