Over the years users requested new features, Marijke would like WinWeef to support more weaving techniques. Kees decided to start a new project: WinWeef10 again together with Marijke. They knew it would be a lot of work, but that it would take them several years, they never expected. They both developed WinWeef10 in their spare time; evenings and weekends. At last in 2008 WinWeef10 was ready and introduced on the Dutch market. In 2009 the website is created and it is time for the first international adventure for WinWeef10.

From June 2020, under the direction of Marian Stubenitsky, work was carried out on WinWeef 10.3 with many new additions and improvements. Certain terms were also changed and Selma Sindram and Erik Ensing translated the manual and course into English. The installation of WinWeef was simplified by making it a Windows installer. Together with the installation manual and overview map WinWeef can be installed and used completely independently.