Latest WinWeef update

Via the menu on the right the download of the latest version of WinWeef, which is WinWeef 10.3, is possible. The version number of your WinWeef is the number after WinWeef in the title bar. 

WinWeef version 10.3

Installation of WinWeef 10.3 is for free when already using one of the other versions of WinWeef10. The existing registration code remains valid, so WinWeef 10.3 will run immediately.

The manual and course are already visible on the website. These documents also become available after installation.

Who can download this installation?

Anyone with a Windows computer can perform this installation. Please read the installation manual for the steps to be done.

Without a paid registration code WinWeef10 can only be used in demonstration mode and then saving, printing, the use of the Louët control are impossible.

To order WinWeef10 see Contact & Order.


To run WinWeef on an Apple computer, you will need to use either one of the many Windows-emulators, or Windows must be installed on the Apple computer alongside IOS.
There are many Windows-emulators, both free (for example Wine), and paid (for example CrossOver).
To install Windows alongside IOS one can use programs such as Boot Camp.

Manual WinWeef 10

This manual explains WinWeef10 step by step. The manual is provided with illustrations and examples.

WinWeef in practice

In this course Marijke Dekkers explains, using examples, what you can do with WinWeef10. In this course you will learn how to design a new fabric, but you will also work with designs that are already partly worked out. This way you already have an extensive set of examples that can serve as inspiration.