WinWeef 10


WinWeef10 is easy to learn for starting weavers. At the same time it offers a lot of features for more experienced weavers. Create binding reports fast and easy for all kind of looms, combined or straight threading, crackle, wafer and summer and winter: the possibilities are endless.
From October 20, 2021, WinWeef10.3 is available with many, many improvements.

  • Choose any colour you like.

  • block-patterns can easily be transferred to binding reports using block-substitution.

  • Re-use of desings or part of designs is easy.

  • Extensive options for network both threading and threading.

  • Unlimited number of shafts an treadles. Shafts and tradles can be moves.

  • Calculations of the number of heddles per shaft, lingest fload, material needed.

  • many print options; number of pages, colour or black and white, with or without numbers.

  • 3D view.

  • Windows 95 and up compatible.

  • Interfacing with Louët mechanical dobby looms

  • Desings are compatible with other design applications throug the WIF-standard